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It can be difficult to find the right resources, not to mention the amount of time that needs to be spent on this task. We can support you in your recruitment process by helping you find the ideal candidate who will meet your expectations. Our recruitment package includes:

• Job analysis

• Research

• Evaluation

• Selection

• Integration - Onboarding


The development of a business depends largely on the competence of its employees. To find the talents necessary for the proper functioning of your company, call upon our services


Our approach:

We establish different phases of the recruitment process and propose to our clients, the candidates who seem to them the best. We receive applications and sometimes we will also solicit professionals whose expertise is of great interest.


We go to our clients to understand their culture, define a recruitment strategy to better serve their needs.  We write job ads and decide which media to broadcast them on. We may also act as advice on the remuneration to be offered and the benefits to be granted.

We then study the applications that come into our hands. We do not content ourselves with the letter of motivation and the CV that have reached us, but we carry out extensive research on the Internet. 


After a first selection, our recruitment consultant receives the candidates for an interview. He asks them a series of pre-established questions or some others improvised according to the personality of each one. He can also order a graphological analysis or any other science of behavioral study to learn more.

Follow a second, then sometimes a third interview until the final selection during which the client gives his opinion, however guided by the advice of the consultant.


At Tchic Consulting, our recruitment consultants are professionals who are perfectly at ease in oral communication, they know how to conduct investigations on the Internet, they possess the ability to make decisions independently, have a strong sense of listening and they know the recruitment methods and follow their evolutions.

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