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Why is diversity a critical issue in HR strategies

Diversity in business has become a key issue: diversity of origins, gender, age, and values ​​... Increasingly, companies have seen progressively establish the model of the multicultural team , a reality to which many managers today are confronted. However, if it poses some difficulties, diversity is also an important source of wealth for companies.

HR Strategies: What are the issues related to diversity in business?

The concept of diversity does not fit into a legal framework, so it may be difficult to give it a precise definition. However, the concept has gradually evolved to encompass today all forms of differences present in business. But difference often rhymes with discrimination, which is why controversies such as gender equality or racial discrimination have been linked to the notion of diversity. Today, the challenge of HR strategies is to value diversity in order to make the most of the wealth it represents for organizations. An article by the National French newspaper “Parisian” has recently affirmed that diversity had become an unavoidable strategic pre-requisite insofar as the company had to identify itself as much as possible with its customers and partners.

In many large structures, the position of “Head of Diversity” has been created to promote diversity as well as the prevention of discrimination and to implement a coherent and effective diversity policy. These HR strategies can pay off in the long run.

The benefits of diversity for the company

Is diversity a real asset for the company? It turns out that yes, in the long run and if the policy of diversity implemented has been properly thought out and applied. Three major benefits of diversity for businesses are identified.

1. From cultural intelligence to collective intelligence

By interacting with other cultures or other ways of thinking on a daily basis and having curiosity about them, you can develop your cultural intelligence, that is to say your ability to adapt your behavior to your own. other cultures and realities.

Collective intelligence mechanisms can then be put in place more easily by focusing on cooperative and collaborative work. But it has been shown that collective intelligence, if properly promoted and applied, can help increase employee productivity and creativity.

2. Improved performance over the long term

Long-term business performance is maximized when diversity is smartly exploited.

At first, teams often spend more time getting to know each other and understanding each other. On the other hand, the analysis phase is much faster and creative and the implementation of the chosen strategy is also more sustainable.

3. A corporate culture and brand image enriched on a daily basis

The cohesion achieved through the diversity and collective intelligence developed within the company also helps to enrich its culture. His teams are closer together and come together around common projects and goals. Diversity becomes in this case a real added value for the company.

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