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Eager to take advantage of the hardware, the art team built fully animated cacti that responded to gunfire, blanketing the campaign maps with the succulents. Ultimately, they proved to be the largest single technical problem in the game and had to be removed.[29] Full Version

A Windows PC version of the game's map editing tool and multiplayer, Halo 5: Forge, was released for Windows 10 on September 8, 2016.[85] The game was later updated in 2017 to run at 4K resolutions on the Xbox One X.[86]

Janice Kennedy of the Montreal Gazette verbally disemboweled the film in the August 23, 1986, edition of the paper, criticizing it as overly commercial, profane, loud, violent, humorless, heavy-handed in its religious messages and chaulk-full of gratuitous celebrity voice-overs. Her only compliment: "But The Transformers: The Movie does have at least one good thing going for it, a howlingly appropriate song by "Weird Al" Yankovic. It's title? Dare to be Stupid." Ouch.

Latter-day Transformers stories have made uncountable references (though we're trying) to the movie, lifting or borrowing elements of its dialogue, fight sequences, subplots, details, settings and more, as writers have discovered that a shout-out to the movie is a quick and easy way to win cheers from some segments of their audience. Even Hasbro and Takara themselves have gotten in on the act, producing a variety of toys based on the minutia of the film: Starscream's crown, Galvatron's creation, the awakening of Rodimus Prime, and more. The fandom, for their part, pores over new Transformers fiction, often latching on to even the most tangential of details as a "reference" to the movie, coincidental or not. Call-outs, real or perceived, were once a rare treat - but now are so common that many fans are more likely to groan than cheer whenever some version of Optimus Prime declares that "One shall stand..." or a damaged character states that "I still function" or a vengeful blast is preceded by "Here's a hint" or yet another Soundwave says yet another variation of "Soundwave superior", or... well... this:

Although it was billed in some advertisements before its theatrical release as being "widescreen", the movie was in fact animated in a 4:3 (fullscreen) aspect ratio. For its theatrical screenings, the film was matted down in the projector by the projectionist to a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen), chopping the top and bottom off the picture, but all video transfers of the movie were done without mattes, meaning that there was actually more picture visible in the fullscreen video and DVD releases than there would have been in theaters. Across 2006 and 2007, new editions of the DVD of the film were released by Sony BMG and Metrodome which applied the mattes in order to replicate the original theatrical presentation of the film for the first time in home entertainment. Some fans, however, didn't realize that the film wasn't actually animated in widescreen, and, hearing that the DVD was to be in widescreen, expected to see the fullscreen image with additional footage at the sides, causing them to complain that the top and bottom were cut off, thereby totally missing the point.

The movie was aired on The Hub on February 18, 2012, following the Season 2 premiere of Transformers: Prime on what was called "Transformers Mega Saturday". Uniquely, this version combined the European opening narration with the US scrawl-free opening credits, muted the two swear words (rendering the lines as "It isn't even dented! ...What do we do now?!" and "Open... Open!"), used the European closing narration at the end, and sped up the scroll of the end credits to cut it down for time, ending the lyrics of the theme song around the beginning of its second verse ("Strong enough to break the bravest heart..."). Subsequent re-airings on The Hub aired this version of the movie.

Models are the heart of any JavaScript application, containing the interactive data as well as a large part of the logic surrounding it: conversions, validations, computed properties, and access control. You extend Backbone.Model with your domain-specific methods, and Model provides a basic set of functionality for managing changes.

If you're working with a Rails backend that has a version prior to 3.1, you'll notice that its default to_json implementation includes a model's attributes under a namespace. To disable this behavior for seamless Backbone integration, set:

Collections are ordered sets of models. You can bind "change" events to be notified when any model in the collection has been modified, listen for "add" and "remove" events, fetch the collection from the server, and use a full suite of Underscore.js methods.

Web applications often provide linkable, bookmarkable, shareable URLs for important locations in the app. Until recently, hash fragments (#page) were used to provide these permalinks, but with the arrival of the History API, it's now possible to use standard URLs (/page). Backbone.Router provides methods for routing client-side pages, and connecting them to actions and events. For browsers which don't yet support the History API, the Router handles graceful fallback and transparent translation to the fragment version of the URL.

pushState support exists on a purely opt-in basis in Backbone. Older browsers that don't support pushState will continue to use hash-based URL fragments, and if a hash URL is visited by a pushState-capable browser, it will be transparently upgraded to the true URL. Note that using real URLs requires your web server to be able to correctly render those pages, so back-end changes are required as well. For example, if you have a route of /documents/100, your web server must be able to serve that page, if the browser visits that URL directly. For full search-engine crawlability, it's best to have the server generate the complete HTML for the page ... but if it's a web application, just rendering the same content you would have for the root URL, and filling in the rest with Backbone Views and JavaScript works fine.

To indicate that you'd like to use HTML5 pushState support in your application, use Backbone.history.start(pushState: true). If you'd like to use pushState, but have browsers that don't support it natively use full page refreshes instead, you can add hashChange: false to the options.

A single-event version of delegateEvents is available as delegate. In fact, delegateEvents is simply a multi-event wrapper around delegate. A counterpart to undelegateEvents is available as undelegate. is the software-as-a-service version of WordPress. It uses Backbone.js Models, Collections, and Views in its Notifications system. Backbone.js was selected because it was easy to fit into the structure of the application, not the other way around. Automattic (the company behind is integrating Backbone.js into the Stats tab and other features throughout the homepage.

Delicious is a social bookmarking platform making it easy to save, sort, and store bookmarks from across the web. Delicious uses Chaplin.js, Backbone.js and AppCache to build a full-featured MVC web app. The use of Backbone helped the website and mobile apps share a single API service, and the reuse of the model tier made it significantly easier to share code during the recent Delicious redesign.

ZocDoc helps patients find local, in-network doctors and dentists, see their real-time availability, and instantly book appointments. On the public side, the webapp uses Backbone.js to handle client-side state and rendering in search pages and doctor profiles. In addition, the new version of the doctor-facing part of the website is a large single-page application that benefits from Backbone's structure and modularity. ZocDoc's Backbone classes are tested with Jasmine, and delivered to the end user with Cassette.

Walmart used Backbone.js to create the new version of their mobile web application and created two new frameworks in the process. Thorax provides mixins, inheritable events, as well as model and collection view bindings that integrate directly with Handlebars templates. Lumbar allows the application to be split into modules which can be loaded on demand, and creates platform specific builds for the portions of the web application that are embedded in Walmart's native Android and iOS applications.

These early versions were followed by 35SE and 35TE models which had an LED light meter readout in the viewfinder. With the light meter readout being inside the viewfinder, the way the later models are operated differs quite dramatically from the earlier models. It is intended that the settings, to a degree at least, are changed with the camera to the eye. I talk about how I made this work for me in some detail in my previous Rollei 35SE review.The later models also had a battery compartment that was accessed via a plastic hatch on the top plate of the camera.The Rollei 35SE has a battery compartment that pops out of the top of the camera. There is a switch on the back of the camera to release it.

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