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"Gulaab Gang" is a film advocating education for girls and autonomy for women, made by a first-time director who faced enormous obstacles in getting it made. That thumbnail version makes it almost impossible to root against the film, although some of Soumik Sen's obstacles were of his own creation. His claims that the film is fiction and that any resemblance to real people is coincidental strain credibility to the breaking point, as the pink saris worn by the title gang are the very ones worn by the real-life Gulabi Gang, whose name Sen didn't even bother to change, and upon whose founder Sen's protagonist is heavily based. This led to legal disputes that threatened to delay release of the movie. All of this is meant not to reignite the debates about poetic license in fictional films drawn from real life, but to make the point that "Gulaab Gang" is a movie whose director needs to get out of its way. Which is a wildly delicious bit of irony, considering that it's about women taking charge of their own lives, and that Sen is a man. 350c69d7ab

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