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Dynamic Link is an awesome concept, but, unfortunately, it's created a host of sloppy multi-taskers who've never learned proper After Effects "etiquette"--resulting in a chaotic mess of video and effects that are all linked to original video files, many of which are much longer than they used to be now that many of us have gone to the new digital workflow. This means that if you need to share an effects sequence with someone, you can't simply zip up a unique After Effects folder and send it to them with discreet assets. Instead, you must trim everything down for this transaction and find where everything you used is located on numerous hard drives. Kramer's explanations of the correct way to create an effects sequence will ensure that your effects shots never get too out of hand and that your assets are always with the correct folder. That training by itself is worth the price of admission!

Download File Video Copilot Action Essentials 2...


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