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Backgammon Studio Heroes Download: The Best Online Platform for Backgammon Lovers.

Tournament ClocksDGT Web Shop sells a variety of digital timers suitable for backgammon. Some other popular digital game clocks are sold by Chess House, Kaoori, TempestClock , and ZMartFun. For iPhone/iPod devices the Merkmatics Chess Clock app may be downloaded at iTunes. Some other game timer apps for iPhone/iPad are A1 Game Clock and BG Buddy. For Android devices there are many free game clock apps to download at Google Play. The free Widows Phone

backgammon studio heroes download

Position of the DayBlog of interesting positions analyzed by Chris Bray, former backgammon correspondent for The Independent newspaper in the UK. Follow Chris on twitter. You can download pdf files to print position cards from Voice of Backgammon.Gamer Cafe has a free online position evaluator.

FIBS Home Page Official website for the free cross-platform backgammon server created in 1992 by Andreas (marvin) Schneider. To play, use the Telnet DNS address or download one of the graphical interfaces. You can also use the java applet registration tool. Check the current FIBS connection status at FIBS Board or at FIBSdotcom on Twitter.

AOL GamesPlay free no-download backgammon, multiplayer or versus computer. Some other similar sites are Agame,Board Game Arena, FlyOrDie, GamePoint,GameTwist, GameVelvet,MSN ,Nidink, and ZooEscape.

PlayOKFree HTML5 (no download) multiplayer backgammon which works on mobile and tablet devices. Features automated tournaments,contact list, game records and instant messaging. For another site to play and chat, download the client software at Onlinebandit.

Novel GamesFree multiplayer backgammon and the variants duodecim scripta, gul bara, royal game of ur, senet,and tapa in multiplayer and single player versions. Another free site requiring no game download is Gamesgames.

GamesByEmailFree correspondence gaming for backgammon and other games. The free turn-based (non-realtime) backgammon at It's Your Turn is similar to playing by e-mail but using a graphical Web interface which requires no download or Java. Other free turn-based playsites are BrainKing, GoldToken, Pocket-Monkey(tm),and YourTurnMyTurn. Richard's PBeM Server offers free backgammon, deadgammon, grandgammon, hypergammon, moloko, moultezim, nackgammon, plakoto, savoy, and spiro via e-mail.

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Backgammon E-bookDownload for free the 95-page electronic book by Stefan Gueth, How to become a Backgammon Hog. Another free book to download in pdf format is Everday Errors in Checker Pay by Dr. Baron Gossett Euler. There is a free open-content backgammon Web textbook at Wikibooks. Also check the many backgammon eBook titles available for Kindle and Nook Books e-reader devices.

ChouetteBasic rules for a form of backgammon played by three or more. Other versions of the rules appear on the pages of ABA,, Bg ACT, The Gammon Press, L.A., St. Albans, Wikibooks, WikiHow, and Wikipedia. Watch the player interaction at the youtube quiz-style game show The Chouette Show. Rules for chouette tournaments are at ABA. Printable chouette scoresheets are available for free download from BPC Chicago, and Colorado BG. Digital scoring aids are Chouette Calculator software by Gamer Cafe and the Android app Chouette Manager by AppBrain . BGPlus sells a SHUE wood marker kit to keep track of your place in line for chouettes or Backgammon Plus(BG+) team play. Find a chouette meetup group.

You can also download your match file after finishing the match. The point that you need to keep in mind in the studio is that you have to compete with bots to win top titles! If you do not have enough confidence to play with professionals, you will practice here and improve your skills.

It is in the name that eXtreme Gammon differentiates itself by being one of the most competitive backgammon game websites. But you will have to go an extra step to play one of best backgammon online as it is only available to be downloaded and then install on your PC. Extreme Gammon is one of the first choice of serious gamers around the world because of its amazing customizable features. The game can be played with a bot as well as a real person. You can also change the difficulty level while practicing and even change the board setting to 2D or 3D. But as cool are all the features the pricing too is quite high which is okay for seasoned players as they may make proper use of the Extreme Gammon.

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