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Download Sun Java Virtual Machine (jvm) Version 1.4.2 03 |WORK|

Note: For any text on this page containing the following notation, you must substitute the appropriate update version number for the notation. For example, if you are downloading the installer for update 1.4.2_01, the following file name: j2re-1_4_2_-windows-i586.exe would become: j2re-1_4_2_01-windows-i586.exe

Download Sun Java Virtual Machine (jvm) Version 1.4.2 03

You can upgrade the Java Plug-in on a browser machine without affecting the certified Java Plug-in version installed with Discoverer. For example, when you log in to Windows you might see a Sun Java Plug-in pop-up that informs you that a new version of the Java Plug-in is available for download by clicking Yes. If you click Yes to download and install the new version, Discoverer continues to use the Java Plug-in version installed when you first started Discoverer on that machine.

To check that a client browser machine has the required Java Plug-in, use the Apple Macintosh Software Update option. You should see Java 1.4.2 in the software list on the Software Update dialog (see screenshot below). If Java 1.4.2 is not installed, use the Automatic Update options to install the latest Java Plug-in version.

FreeMind works with the virtual machines from Sun, from the version 1.4.0 and higher. FreeMind has been reported to run on the JDK 1.4.2 from Blackdown. FreeMind also works on Linux with Sun Microsystems 64bit JDK version 1.5.0.

Assign more memory to the Java virtual machine as a workaround by editing the launching script. Edit freemind.bat or and add a -XmxMEM parameter to the java command line at the end of the script, like java -Xmx512m ... for 512 megabytes maximum memory and java -Xmx768m ... for 768 megabytes maximum memory. Believing the manual of Java, the default is 64 MB and the maximum is slightly less than 2000 on an x86 processor, which should be enough.

Java 1.3 and 1.4.2 are no longer supported, and DrJava is compiled to require Java 5 or later. However, you can use an older version of DrJava. drjava-stable-20040326 was the last stable release to support Java 1.3. drjava-stable-20080828-r4664 was the last stable release to support Java 1.4.2.

Before Java 5.0 was released, DrJava provided support for Sun's prototype compiler that supported generics, known as JSR-14. This support is no longer available in DrJava, but you can download an older version (such as drjava-stable-20040326) if it is needed.

To use JSR-14 in DrJava, you will first need to download it from Sun's Java Developer Connection site. (Note that this requires creating a free user account.) Once you have downloaded the package, open the older DrJava application, select the Preferences window (from the Edit menu) and specify the locations of the JSR-14 versions of javac.jar and collect.jar, which were included in the package you downloaded. JSR-14 should now appear in the list of available compilers on the Compiler Output tab.

On the docker daemon running on a machine with 1GB of RAM (previously created with "docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-memory '1024' docker1024") but having the container memory restricted to 150 megabytes, which seems to be enough for this Spring Boot application, a java application has been started with the parameter -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal defined in the Dockerfile. This parameter allows us to read the initial JVM ergonomics parameters.

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