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Comparative Public Administration

Comparative public administration is a branch of public administration. As an approach, it considers the workings of government in different socio-economic and cultural settings. Much like public administration, comparative administration covers a wide variety of activities. Scholars employing the comparative approach focus on a wide variety of issues including public policy making and implementation in both the developed and developing areas. Comparative administration seeks to strengthen our understanding of broader public administrative processes by trying to expand the empirical basis of the field. By taking a keen look at administrative processes in all socio-economic and ecological settings, we have a more holistic view of the larger field.

Comparative Public Administration

The Editorial Board, committed to high quality, ethical, and transparency standards, invite authors to submit their papers for publication in CCPA. Submitted papers undergo a double-blind review process. We have ensured renowned international reviewers whose names and institutional affiliations are regularly published in the journal every year. In order to make the review process as transparent and as fair as possible, the journal uses an Open Journal System on its web page

The main goal of the new CEE Network of PAP Journals is to promote the quality and impact of public administration and policy journals in the CEE region. Core activities are focused on mutual promoting and advertising, cooperation in publishing of excellent proposals and cooperation in an evaluation work. NISPAcee website will provide a core platform for the Network activities. All participating journals are responsible for promoting the Network on their own web pages.

CCPA publishes papers dealing with public administration, public management, and public governance, with a special focus on theoretical development and empirical research. The journal promotes the highest quality of published papers and fully expects the authors and all others involved in the publication process to adhere to the highest ethical standards. A highlight of the journal is its comparative approach, which enables policy learning and transfer across Europe and worldwide.

Papers are accepted following a double-blind review process and the decision of an international editorial board. Papers are published in English, with occasional publication in Croatian and other languages. CCPA welcomes papers from all over the world. The journal would like to see more contributions from underrepresented groups such as young and postdoctoral researchers, women in science and research, and authors who are conducting their research in less than favourable circumstances. However, criteria for paper acceptance are identical for all authors.

Our online program uses an asynchronous format, meaning you do not have to log on at a specific time. Work is assigned each week with specific deadlines to complete each assignment. Our online program is available to midcareer professionals with two years of public sector work experience. To complete two courses per semester, online midcareer you'll typically take one course every eight weeks.

A thorough study of government administration, focusing on the operations of local governments and the analysis of local government and metropolitan issues. The NIU M.P.A. program is ranked 4th nationally by U.S. News and World Report in local government management. Students gain insight into the latest innovations in local government service delivery, collaborative management and relations with governing boards and the public. Gaining these skills provides opportunities to improve the quality of public service in communities across the country.

A study of the unique challenges posed by the administration of nonprofit organizations in both the domestic and global contexts, including communication and promotion, fundraising and grant writing, and intersectoral collaboration with public and private sectors .

Through a study of public administration and management in a global context, students will gain an advanced capacity to assume a leadership role and use management skills to enhance the mission of government agencies and non-governmental organizations in the U.S. and another country.

A study of public administration and management in a legal context, students will gain an advanced capacity to assume a leadership role and use management skills to enhance the mission of government agencies and nongovernmental organizations as it relates to public law and management. This specialization requires students to be enrolled in the NIU law school and the MPA program. The student must apply to both schools and complete the degrees simultaneously or have a law degree from a reputable university and apply to the MPA program.

Written by B. Guy Peters, a leading authority in the field, this comprehensive exploration of the political and policy making roles of public bureaucracies is now available in a fully revised seventh edition, offering extensive, well-documented comparative analysis of the effects of politics on bureaucracy.

"The seventh edition of this popular textbook provides readers with a comprehensive and updated discussion of challenges and recent developments in the field of public bureaucracy. Modern public administration is placed in its political and intellectual context and analyzed in a skillful manner with insights into the challenges and opportunities of big contemporary government."

"At a time when political parties and politicians in democratic nations seem tone-deaf to concerns citizens have with government, Peter's classic text brings welcome insights into the inner workings of public institutions and the gargantuan changes that have occurred over the last forty years. His thoughtful discourse on the nature of public service, especially with regard to public bureaucracies, reminds us to root our understandings of the behavior of public bureaucrats within the cultural and political systems that bind them to both their political leaders and their citizenry. The comparative approach to providing such insight demonstrates his central thesis: the collective action problems that have helped to increase the size, role, and reach of governments around the world aren't going anywhere. Peters helps us to see where we've been so that we will better navigate the road ahead."

"A comprehensively up-dated edition with impressive coverage of public administration, topic-wise and globally. A wealth of comparative insights and analysis. Essential reading for all who seek to understand the structures and dynamics of the state, government and governance in diverse contexts."

This accessible introduction to the system of public administration uses a clear, country by country analysis to the contemporary system of public administration and management in a number of significant countries. This text examines the extent to which new public management, politicians and public opinion can influence bureaucracies in various countries; in addition, it explores the role of public administration systems within the wider political systems and democratic frameworks of their states.

The new edition revises and updates several of the original country studies including: the United States, France, the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Italy, and adds three more chapters on Greece, Russia, India and China. Each chapter is written to a common framework which makes comparison easier and covers the following issues:

"The book provides an agile and effective introduction to the administrative system of a number of important countries. This is a useful contribution that will introduce students to the growing field of comparative public administration." - Edoardo Ongaro, Professor of International Public Services Management, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK

"This is an insightful account of an important though often neglected area of the political process. Written by country experts, and drawing on examples from China, Europe, India, Russia and the United States, it provides the reader with a clear and topical analysis of the workings and impact of public administration." - Dr Hugh Atkinson, Department of Social Sciences, London South Bank University

POSC 522 - Comparative Public Administration (Put on reserve 9/16/19) Description: Comparison of structures, systems and functions of public administration in the U.S. and East Asian countries focused on national development and management. Examined are theories, management principles, functions of bureaucracies and bureaucratic culture. (Put on reserve 9/16/19, will go inactive 8/24/22)Prerequisites: Prerequisite: graduate standing. Credits: (5)Learner Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Across the globe, the challenges faced by those charged with the implementation of public policy are growing all the time. Governments at local, regional and national levels have to address issues ranging from poverty and unemployment, to disease and environmental degradation, while, at the same time, ensuring their approach is inclusive and, as far as possible, transparent.

To help meet the resulting demand for graduates with the skills required to ensure coordinated, effective and accountable administration, Lingnan University will launch its new Master of Social Sciences in Comparative Public Administration (MSocScCPA) programme in September 2023.

Within an interdisciplinary framework, students will analyse development, public policy and governance issues, from comparative and international perspectives. In addition, they will have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning through their interaction with renowned scholars at international symposium and conferences. They will also be encouraged to conduct research on a variety of public policy topics and to attend field trips and seminars with policymakers and practitioners from various professions.

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