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Daniel And Katerina Will Risk A Lot Because Of Their Feelings For Each Other Torrent REPACK

I will uplift all people affected by these flood waters in prayer to GOD Almighty. There is one positive aspect I have seen when disasters strike different parts of the world, and that is that people always HELP one another in the best way they can to help their fellow man. Whatever your thoughts may be about this next statement I write, is that I truly believe that GOD is pleased by the help and love that people extend to one another during emergency disasters like this or others. GOD Almighty bless each person, and I hope that people will continue on with strength and courage the best way they can in spite of this disaster. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Daniel and Katerina Will Risk a Lot Because of Their Feelings for Each Other torrent

The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord give you strength for this day, know that everything we give God he will help us with. Out of hopeless situations our God can bring good things and work to bring good. We are with you and stand beside you to help in whatever way we can because Aussies help each other when times are tough. Remember, tough times don't last, but tough people do.

@248 There is a lot of controversy about damming the rivers and I am not saying it is right or wrong but I would to say from experience having lived in the Lockyer Valley that in 1974 when the rains came the flooding in Brisbane was devastating. This year is said the flooding is equivalent to the 1974 floods but because of the Wivenhoe Dam Brisbane is not suffering the terrible effects of the flooding. All I can say is thank God that at least one area of Queensland has been saved from this devastation. There is arguments for and against. I live in Maryborough and though we haven't seen the same amount of water as other areas so far it is heartbreaking to see people moving their belongings out of their houses to try to save as much as they can. But in the end we will bounce back, Australia is all about flood, fire and famine. Our prayers are with all of our fellow Qld'ers.

I live on the Sunshine Coast,yes we have had a lot of rain here but had nowhere near the amount of flooding that the rest of Queensland have. And now New South Wales is coping it I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to All those who are suffering through this devasting time and am very greatfull to all the volunteers that are doing a mighty job for their Aussie family, we are a very lucky country to have the support of our fellow man and woman.That compassion we have for each of our Aussie mates who not only open their hearts but also their pockets in such an amazing way. We will pull through because that is the stronger and stronger stuff we are made of.God Bless you all.

The photos are amazing as to the real damage the floods have caused, But like true blue Aussies, the fight goes on to survive, and survive they will, because this country of ours is ONE BIG FAMILY when time of trouble starts and I personally witnessed this in Katherine in 1998-99, I think, and the locals all got together, and helped one another, and thank God for the friendly people that you do not even know at a time like this just put their heart and soul in doing all they can. Keep your chin up fellas and sure the bad times will roll and time will heal as building and planning start going ahead once the waters subside. May God give you all courage and peace to trust His Providence, as He knows the end from the beginning. God bless you all in this difficult time.

The thing that makes me proud to be Australian is the way we've all pitched in to help each other during this time of crisis. Flood victims aren't standing around crying. They're just putting their back into it and getting on with the job of cleaning up. The rest of the nation has rallied and has raised tens of millions of dollars in flood relief benefits. Volunteers gave up their Christmas and New Years vacations to travel to the affected areas and help in the clean up efforts. Strangers were turning up on doorsteps with mops and buckets and food and water and offering their help in any way they could. My thoughts and prayers are with all the communities still at risk and all the people who have lost everything, including loved ones, for some.

Many thanks to those who have posted positive comments. To those few knockers we can thankfully hopefully ignore your comments. Since the photos shown were taken unfortunately the disaster has become far more widespread, with towns such as Dalby and Chinchilla north-west of our capital Brisbane once again flooded.To that add the major cities of Gympie with a current flood level just short of 20 metres (65 feet) inundating the city centre, submerging many shops yet again.Their record flood was just over 21 metres many years ago. The Mary River that has caused the floods there have travelled downstream to the city of Maryborough, about 350 klms (210 miles) north of Brisbane, cutting that city in half and submerging not only businesses but more houses. Fortunately they had some time to prepare, unlike other areas. The floodwaters in Maryborough that have begun to subside will rise again once the waters from the Gympie region reach there in about 2 days time.We live in the coastal town of Hervey Bay, 35 klms (22 Miles) north of Maryborough, and while we haven't had any major flooding we are still cut off from the outside world by the floods there and further south. As we rely on road transport for most of our food supplies and other goods, our supermarkets are just about sold out with people unnecessarily panic buying. Likewise our petrol supplies will only last a few more days as garages run out. We are a tourist oriented city, and have a large amount (around 50,000 +) tourists either currently here or not able to get here. For those here, they have to remain in their accommodation for a lot longer than they had originally budgeted for, then they have to find places to eat, which like the supermarkets are swiftly running out of food, so what is going to happen there is anybody's guess. While our airport is open for business, including larger jets, most people travel here by road so that is their only way out, but it could be a week or more before they are open.We have a son and his family outside of Gympie, and while they have enough food for themselves they have a 3 month old daughter who needs formula, and they only have 24 hours of it left. But unfortunately the only 2 places they can get it are chemists in Gympie, one of which is under water, and the other is out of supplies with no idea when they will be resupplied. It is little things like this that we tend to forget, and only look at the bigger picture.My thoughts are with those in Toowoomba, west of Brisbane, which was hit by a Tsunami-like wave that raged through the centre of the city catching everybody by surprise. Cars were picked up like rag dolls and carried away, one in particular was crushed like a tin can and pulled through a causeway. Nobody knows for sure how many people were in those cars, but 8 have been declared dead, with at least 72 missing, mostly from surrounding areas. The waters from there will now head downstream to the city of Ipswich, where people are already in the process of evacuating from low lying areas, and from there it will join the already swollen Brisbane River and flow into the heart of Brisbane itself, inundating the low-lying suburbs there.Their last major flood was in 1974 when half of the city went under causing major devastation, and there is talk that these floods could reach those same peaks.Major rainfalls have been hitting the catchment areas outside of Toowoomba, Gympie and the Sunshine Coast, where some places have been receiving over 100 mm (4") of rain each hour, with no sign of let up. All this water has to go somewhere before it reaches the sea, and unfortunately in most cases that is through people's houses and businesses.When you consider that the floods currently cover an area equating to the U.S. State of California it brings it into perspective.And now some of the insurance companies are quibbling over what constitutes "water damage", claiming that it only covers things like burst pipes in or around premises, not "acts of God" (whatever that means). A lot of people are going to find that they have a fight on their hands getting compensation after this is all over.We know that most of the rest of the world is thinking of us at a time like this, and we greatly appreciate that fact. But after the 2010 floods in Pakistan our government immediately gave them twenty million dollars in aid, with a pledge of more if it was required. Are we going to see that aid reciprocated? Unfortunately I very much doubt it. Now that same government has pledged only one million dollars to our own flood relief. Where are their priorities?Dark days are yet to come I fear, but as Aussies we are a nation of battlers, and always have been. It is a harsh and unforgiving country, but we learn to adapt to everything that it throws at us. While we have floods, the other side of the country in Perth, Western Australia, has bushfires, unfortunately deliberately lit. Houses and businesses lost there too, but like us they also will cope and rebuild.

The floods are indeed terrible. As much as the Victorian bushfires two years ago were terrible. Both tragedies however highlight true human spirit. My admiration and thanks go to all State Emergency Services personnel, police and ordinary men and women of Australia who often risk their lives to help other fellow citizens in this crisis. Aussies are a resillient lot and no doubt they will bounce back as strong as ever. In the meantime though they need our help and surely the help is coming from all quarters. My thoughts and prayers go to all who have suffered so much.

This brings tears to my eyes, as a Sunshine Coast girl now living in Switzerland, it's so hard to see this happening from so far away. I wish I could be there to support and help. I'm so proud to be an Aussie! One thing Aussies do well, in times of need, is pull together and help each other out. My parents couldn't go to their workshop today as the roads were blocked, I pray they and their business will be ok. I'm praying for you all and you will get through this. I'm coming to Aus in 3 weeks, I can't wait, i've missed my dear Australia. God Bless.

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