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Economic Empowerment

Survivors of Domestic Violence, Gender-Based Violence and Commercial Sexual Exploitation have the ability to create professional accomplishments and fulfill dreams like anybody else, but in their journey , they get stuck in a traumatic world and struggle to find the freedom they desperately seek. At Tchic Consulting we work with our clients and allow them to:

  • Gain confidence

  • learn new tools 

  • achieve financial freedom. 

There are many ways to achieve Economic Empowerment but at Tchic Consulting we focus on :

  • Schooling: Education is a valuable tool that empowers survivors and helps them become fully independent.

  • Vocational training 

  • Career counseling 

  • Entrepreneurship development: when the workplace is not an option, we've created a training called "MyBiz" that allows survivors to access supportive resources build knowledge and earn the necessary skills to start their own business. This training is very popular especially among undocumented survivors.

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