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We are trauma-informed, we create safe learning environments, promote resilience and hard work ! 

Tchic Consulting provides Human Resources solutions to businesses, and to survivors of domestic violence, commercial sexual exploitation and gender-based violence to overcome their professional challenges, seek financial stability and achieve personal and economic freedom.


Whether you are a profit, non-profit or faith-based organization, we help you improve employee relations, and train your leaders on how to establish and promote safe work environments. Call us today for a free consultation at (862) 227-3134 or email us:

Job Seekers?

Survivors; do you need help entering the workplace? you are ready but, not sure how to proceed? or you just need help managing your career?. We take into consideration your past challenges and create a safe environment to assist, and support you to grow professionally, so you will achieve economic freedom.  Call us today for a free consultation at (862) 227-3134 or email us:

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Meet Alida

At Tchic Consulting, your engagement will be led by a single partner: Alida Tchicamboud, who is backed up by a team of experienced and seasonal professionals. Alida is a trauma-informed Human Resources Executive with 20 years of experience. 

Our Services

Employee Relations

When you reach out to us, we act as a neutral third party whose goal is to reach solutions via mediation.


We scrupulously work with survivors to assess their challenges and develop successful strategies to achieve their goals.

Employee Handbook

We develop customized 

manuals to communicate policies & benefits to employees & help your company with compliance.


The blog features educational insight, industry news, and opinions relating to Human Resources


We provide individual and group training on various  

Human Resources' topics. And teach service providers how to become trauma-focused. 


“Tchic Consulting helped me realize my potential and develop my business skills.  

I strongly recommend them”.

Zoraya Sanchez
CEO - Founder Women for Success Corporation - USA

Why Us?

  • Trauma-informed

  • Promote resilience

  • Significant cost and time savings

  • Assurance of expert work

  • Respect for legal framework


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